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    Designed to offer safe and efficient operation, LSM Ireland’s BP1100 bin packer can help users across Ireland save space and cut the cost of waste collection. Capable of reducing large, bulky rubbish by as much as...

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    Suitable for use in restaurants, pubs, bars, hotels, and nightclubs throughout Ireland, the G5 glass crusher offers safe, convenient handling of waste glass bottles up to 2 litres in size. With a volume reduction ratio of...

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    Featuring a compact design and 8 tonnes of pressing force, the CP30 efficiently crushes steel cans and large oil filters up to 30 litres in size. Ideal for vehicle service centres, spray shops, food manufacturers. 8...

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    Advanced engineering and an impressive 30-tonne pressing force help the CP205 crush 205-litre drums to a fraction of their original size. Recommended for manufacturing facilities and pharmaceutical industries. Automatic up and down cycle Integrated drum piercing...

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    Quick, efficient and easy-to-use, the V5HD neatly bales aluminium cans and PET bottles for easy recycling. Recommended for restaurants, pubs, bars, specialist recyclers. Drop-down fill door 35-second cycle time Integrated kicker for easy bale removal Low-voltage...

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    Capable of handling 400–500 standard car or light commercial vehicle tyres per hour, the V85 tyre baler is engineered for rapid processing and maximum compaction. Recommended for tyre depots, car dismantlers, tyre recyclers and waste management...

How to select a baler to suit you

Not sure what baler is the right one for your business? Read our simple list of what you need to consider when making your decision.

The environmental impact of waste collection

In this article, we discuss how vehicle movements associated waste collection and disposal can impact the environment, and suggest a few ways your business can help.


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