Drum Crusher (CP205)

Advanced engineering and an impressive 30-tonne pressing force help the CP205 crush 205-litre drums to a fraction of their original size. Recommended for manufacturing facilities and pharmaceutical industries.

  • Automatic up and down cycle
  • Integrated drum piercing
  • 40-litre liquid retention tank with outlet tap
  • IP54 control panel
  • Safety door interlocks


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Automatic up and down cycle
40-litre liquid retention tank with outlet tap
Integrated drum piercing
IP54 control panel for easy operation
Safety door interlocks for added safety
Crush drums to a fraction of their size


  • Reduction 8:1
  • Cycle time 45 seconds
  • Compaction force up to 30 tonnes
  • Dimensions 2560mm H x 1130mm W x 860mm D
  • Power 380-420V 3 Phase 7.5 kW motor
  • Machine weight 815 kg
  • Noise level 76 dB
  • Compliancy EN16,500 compliant
  • Standards IP54 Standards
  • Additionals PLC type controller with automatic cycle


  • Galvanised body
  • Marine specification
  • Drum discharge

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