Reverse Vending Machine (ECOVEND RVM 400)

EcoVend Reverse Vending Machines have been designed in the UK to work with various deposit return schemes (DRS) issuing reward vouchers or digital credits. These machines are also recognised with DRSI Standards in Ireland, and offer a number of benefits for businesses when installed:

  • Step-by-Step User Voice Command Option for Accessibility
  • Eye-Catching Design for Maximum User Engagement
  • Compatible with Various Deposit Return Schemes Around the World
  • Easy, Fast & Safe Cleaning
  • Fully Maintained Rental Options
  • 1 Year Warranty with Routine Maintenance Agreement


  • Reward / Deposit Return System: Digital incl. Loyalty Card, Smartphone App & Paper Voucher
  • Accepts: Plastic Bottles (PET) & Metal Cans (Segregated)
  • Capacity: Up to 1,00-1,700 PET Bottles, 3,000-5,100 Metal Cans
  • Container Size: Up to 3 Litres (UK Standard Sizes)
  • Power Supply: 13 Amps, 3-Pin, Single Phase (Operating Voltage: 220/230V AC)
  • Compaction: Yes
  • Automation: Barcode, Shape, Material & Weight Sensors
  • Productivity: 15 Units Per Minute
  • Connectivity: Access to Steady Internet Connection Required (Guest Networks Not Recommended)

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