Plastic Balers

Ideal for Ireland’s many low- and medium-volume users, our popular and versatile plastic balers offer quick and economical waste compaction. Features such as integrated bale kickers, optimal bale sizes and mobility options ensure our main range also offers unbeatable power, efficiency and performance for all your baling needs.

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    For small and medium-sized businesses with consistent cardboard and plastic amounts. Automatic and manual bale cycles.

    Ideal For
    Retail, petrol stations, hotels and restaurants

    Bale Weight 50–100 kg

    Bale Force 5 Tonnes

    Cycle Time 28 seconds

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    For medium volume users who need to process a range of materials, including bulky items and a variety of box sizes.

    Ideal For
    Supermarkets, department stores, hotels, manufacturing plants and logistics centres

    Bale Weight 100–180 kg

    Bale Force 8 Tonnes

    Cycle Time 30 seconds

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    Easy to load and operate, and able to consistently produce 250 kg bales year after year, the V16 is the ideal high-capacity baler for compacting a wide range of materials quickly and safely.

    Ideal For
    Supermarkets, department stores, hotels, manufacturing plants and logistics centres

    Bale Weight 150–300 kg

    Bale Force 16 tonnes

    Cycle Time 40 seconds

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    Low height and powerful cross ram baler designed for users with ceiling height or access issues. LSM UK’s cross ram baler processes cardboard, plastic, paper and more.

    Ideal For
    Supermarkets, departments stores, users with low ceilings or access issues

    Bale Weight 200-300 kg

    Bale Force 25 Tonnes

    Cycle Time 35 seconds

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    LSM high volume, mill size waste baler machines are designed to efficiently compact cardboard, plastic, textile, paper, polystyrene and aluminium.

    Ideal For
    Supermarkets, wholesalers, departments stores, manufacturing plants, logistics centres, multi-product recycling plants

    Bale Weight 350–550 kg

    Bale Force 50 Tonnes

    Cycle Time 45 seconds

How to select a baler to suit you

Not sure what baler is the right one for your business? Read our simple list of what you need to consider when making your decision.

The environmental impact of waste collection

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