Cardboard Balers for Manufacturing Facilities

Disposing of waste created in manufacturing facilities doesn’t offer a simple solution, thanks to the mix of different materials in use. However, recycling your scrap is easier than you think when you build a system that compacts and packages waste for easier handling and transport.

LSM helps manufacturers across Ireland to streamline waste management with waste baling solutions. We work with manufacturers across a range of industries, including:
Automotive plants

  • Electronics manufacturing
  • Product manufacturing
  • Textile manufacturing
  • Aerospace manufacturing

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Why Manufacturers Need Waste Baling Solutions

The volume and variety of scrap materials, packaging, and rejected materials generated means waste management is part of any manufacturers’ core business strategy. Inefficiencies in your waste removal practices can lead to significant problems, including:

  • Heightened safety and risk challenges on manufacturing plant floors and in warehouses
  • Increased costs for storage, transport, and disposal of all waste
  • Failure to meet environmental standards and receiving the resulting fines
  • Inefficient use of materials and costlier overhead

At LSM, we help manufacturing facilities across a wide range of industries fulfil their waste management strategy with a range of waste equipment needs and streamlines their waste strategy. LSM recycling balers compact materials for:

  • Cardboard recycling
  • Plastic recycling
  • Textile recycling
  • Tyre recycling
  • Paper recycling
  • Polystyrene recycling
  • Aluminium recycling

Read more about the value of proper waste management for manufacturing facilities on our blog.

Choose a Baler for Your Manufacturing Facility

Manufacturing facilities have unique waste solution requirements, depending on their industries and
goals. A car manufacturing plant may need plastic, cardboard, and tyre balers whereas a textile
manufacturer is likely to need a different solution. While no single baler will suit every manufacturing
plant’s needs, many LSM customers benefit from four popular products that manage the most common
forms of recyclable waste in manufacturing. View some of the most popular waste solutions below:
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    This horizontal big baler, ideal for high volume users bailing large amounts of cardboard, plastic, PET bottles, textile, aluminium and dry waste.

    Ideal For
    Supermarkets, Recycling centres, waste contractors & distribution centres

    Waste Volume
    High-volume users

    Bale Weight 450-800 kg

    Bale Force 70 Tonnes

    Cycle Time 60-70 seconds

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    The H80 horizontal super baler is ideal for compacting supersized volumes of waste and allows users to pack more material into a container with fewer bales.

    Ideal For
    Supermarkets, Recycling centres, waste contractors & distribution centres

    Waste Volume
    High-volume users

    Bale Weight 500-1,200 kg

    Bale Force 80 Tonnes

    Cycle Time 40-50 seconds

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    LSM high volume, mill size waste baler machines are designed to efficiently compact cardboard, plastic, textile, paper, polystyrene and aluminium.

    Ideal For
    Supermarkets, wholesalers, departments stores, manufacturing plants, logistics centres, multi-product recycling plants

    Bale Weight 350–550 kg

    Bale Force 50 Tonnes

    Cycle Time 45 seconds

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    Capable of handling 400–500 standard car or light commercial vehicle tyres per hour, the V85 tyre baler is engineered for rapid processing and maximum compaction. Recommended for tyre depots, car dismantlers, tyre recyclers and waste management...


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