Recycling Balers for Supermarkets Grocery Stores

Transporting food requires packaging to protect the integrity of the products on supermarket and grocery store shelves. While transport packaging is now more streamlined than it was in the past, cardboard, plastic, and glass still build up quickly in warehouses and supermarket storage areas.

LSM Ireland helps supermarkets, grocery stores, corner shops, and other food retailers across Ireland use waste solutions to manage warehouses, improve their carbon footprint, and even offer recycling advice for customers.

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Benefits of Waste Management for Supermarkets & Grocery Stores

Cardboard boxes, containers, shrink wrap, and more. Selling foodstuffs means managing a wide variety of non-organic waste required for transport and storage. Failing to use efficient waste management can lead to warehouse chaos, accidents and injuries, higher waste disposal costs, and a more significant carbon footprint.

LSM customers not only manage their recycling and waste with less effort but they also:

  • Save money on (recycling) and waste pick up costs
  • Run more efficient stockrooms and warehouses
  • Keep storage areas clean and tidy
  • Find new revenue streams through bulk recycling
  • Enjoy the benefits of flexible rental options

LSM balers transform waste management across a wide range of industries, including supermarkets and other food retailers. We place recycling balers across Ireland at businesses including:

  • Supermarkets
  • Grocery stores
  • Farm shops
  • Greengrocers
  • Health food stores
  • Corner shops
  • Cash & carries

Read more about the value of proper waste management for supermarkets and grocery store on our blog.

Most Popular Balers for Supermarkets & Grocery Stores

There is no one product that will suit all food retailers, as a supermarket and a corner shop work with different types of non-organic, recyclable waste and have unique space requirements. What works in a local greengrocer may not scale to a cash and carry. However, many of our supermarket and grocer customers frequently benefit from the same type of products. We’ve dropped the top products we supply to our customers in the food retail industry to make start you on your journey.
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    For medium volume users who need to process a range of materials, including bulky items and a variety of box sizes.

    Ideal For
    Supermarkets, department stores, hotels, manufacturing plants and logistics centres

    Bale Weight 100–180 kg

    Bale Force 8 Tonnes

    Cycle Time 30 seconds

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    For small and medium-sized businesses with consistent cardboard and plastic amounts. Automatic and manual bale cycles.

    Ideal For
    Retail, petrol stations, hotels and restaurants

    Bale Weight 50–100 kg

    Bale Force 5 Tonnes

    Cycle Time 28 seconds

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    Low height and powerful cross ram baler designed for users with ceiling height or access issues. LSM UK’s cross ram baler processes cardboard, plastic, paper and more.

    Ideal For
    Supermarkets, departments stores, users with low ceilings or access issues

    Bale Weight 200-300 kg

    Bale Force 25 Tonnes

    Cycle Time 35 seconds

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    LSM high volume, mill size waste baler machines are designed to efficiently compact cardboard, plastic, textile, paper, polystyrene and aluminium.

    Ideal For
    Supermarkets, wholesalers, departments stores, manufacturing plants, logistics centres, multi-product recycling plants

    Bale Weight 350–550 kg

    Bale Force 50 Tonnes

    Cycle Time 45 seconds


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