5 Reasons to Regularly Service Your Waste Baler Machine


Waste management equipment represents a substantial investment for businesses of all sizes. Yet, investing in durable and reputable equipment pays off in the long run, offering a strong return on your investment with machines that stand the test of time and don’t breakdown. Whether you operate a shop, hotel, factory, or farm, a well-maintained waste baler machine can profoundly impact your operations, bringing benefits such as cost savings on waste removal to positive environmental and safety effects.

Efficient waste management requires regular sorting, collection, and removal to prevent the accumulation of hazardous and unsightly rubbish. By enhancing your waste management through these steps, you can significantly improve your business’s efficiency.

One critical factor in ensuring your waste baler machine and equipment performs at its best is scheduling regular service and maintenance. In this blog post, we’ll explore five reasons why scheduling a waste baler machine service is a savvy choice for your business.

1. Maintains high standards of health and safety

Safety is paramount in any workplace, and waste management equipment such as waste balers and compressors are no exception. Statistics published by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) tell us that there were 1,616 non-fatal injuries reported in the waste sector in 2022/23, a rise of nearly 4% on the previous period.

Regular service and maintenance of your waste equipment can help ensure that your baler operates safely and complies with all relevant safety regulations. This reduces the risk of accidents or injuries to your employees and visitors, creating a safer working environment.

2. Extend Equipment Lifespan

Waste baler machines can represent a significant investment for your business especially if you choose to purchase one outright. To maximise your return on investment, it makes sense to extend the machines lifespan in a safe way. Regular service and maintenance play a crucial role in achieving this goal. By addressing wear and tear promptly and repairing or replacing worn-out components, you can significantly prolong the life of your baler.

3. Minimises downtime and additional costs

Scheduling regular service for your waste baler machine serves as a proactive measure to avoid unexpected breakdowns. When your baler ceases to operate, it not only disrupts your daily operations but also poses the risk of incurring substantial repair or replacement costs. Furthermore, extended downtime can lead to higher waste collection levies, and larger volumes of unprocessed waste which can end up in landfills with additional levies attached:

The Circular Economy Regulations 2023, along with amendments to the Waste Management Regulations 2023, took effect in the latter half of 2023. Their primary objective is to minimise waste sent to landfills. To achieve this goal, the introduction of a waste recovery levy of €10 per tonne was implemented, alongside an increase in the existing ‘landfill levy’ to €85 per tonne.

By proactively scheduling regular baler maintenance, you not only mitigate the risk of costly breakdowns but also align your business with these regulatory changes, contributing to a more sustainable and cost-effective waste management approach.

4. Maximise Efficiency

A well-maintained waste baler machine operates at peak efficiency. This means that it can process waste materials quicker and with fewer disruptions. For instance, at peak efficiency a LSM V5 baler can work with a bale force of 5 tonnes in a cycle time of just 28 seconds.

As a result of your machine operating at top efficiency, you can optimise your waste management process, increase productivity, and reduce operational costs. An efficient baler also helps minimise energy consumption, contributing to your sustainability goals.

5. Environmental and Regulatory Responsibility

Finally, in today’s environmentally conscious world, responsible waste management is not just a legal requirement but also a moral obligation. A well-maintained waste baler helps you reduce waste volume, minimise landfill contributions, and increase recycling.

2023 saw the introduction of new obligations for manufacturers and ‘major producers’ of recycling waste in Ireland: businesses with a turnover of more than €1 million and that place more than 10 tonnes of packaging on the Irish market, have a legal obligation to fund the recycling of that packaging under Irish and EU Packaging Regulations. These changes underscore the importance of proactive waste management practices and compliance with evolving environmental standards.


Here is a helpful short video summarising why you need to regularly service your waste management machine:

At LSM, our team of experienced engineers draw from over 25 years of experience in manufacturing and servicing waste management machines, ensuring LSM machines are built to last. Our team offers full expert service, repair, and maintenance of LSM machines along with a variety of other baler models. Our headquarters are strategically located in Portlaoise, as a result our team of experts can reach any county in a matter of hours to provide:

  • Preventative maintenance
  • Emergency breakdown callouts
  • Replacement parts and backup machines
  • Site survey and machine removal
  • Certified user testing
  • Next day consumables delivery

A service with LSM includes full cloud-based tracking of company training as well as the history of service across your company locations.

Contact LSM today to schedule your next waste management equipment service or to learn about the range of machinery we have available.

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