Happy holidays & best wishes for 2023 from LSM


Happy holidays & best wishes for 2023 from LSM

We would like to sincerely thank you our customers, distributors, employees, and suppliers for all of your dedication and hard work throughout the year. Our offices will close from 1:00pm Friday December 23rd returning 9:00am Tuesday…

smart hospitality waste management practices can help to boost brand loyalty within your clientele.

How Smart Hospitality Waste Management Can Help Build Brand Loyalty 

The travel and hospitality industries are currently rebounding from the effects of the global pandemic, offering an ideal opportunity to hoteliers to reinvent themselves in the minds of travellers. As experience is at the heart of…

reviewing waste management practices for pharmaceutical companies can help to reduce waste materials in the industry

Waste Management Tips For Pharmaceutical Packaging

For pharmaceutical companies, packaging is more than a box. Pharmaceutical packaging also play a role in product quality, integrity, and security – a carefully managed temperature-controlled package makes sure your product arrives in the right condition,…

Choosing a Baler

How to Select a Waste Baler to Suit You 

With every business, there comes a time when your business growth is matched by the volume of waste and recycling material you manage. Without the right waste management plan and recycling equipment to keep this under…

Building & Manufacturing

Reasons To Revamp Your Construction Waste Management Plan

Roughly half the raw materials extracted from the planet every year go into the world’s built environment. Much of this becomes waste, where the construction industry is responsible for an estimated third of the world’s overall…


The Environmental Impact Of Waste Collection & Disposal 

As an environmentally conscious business, there are many factors you’ll need to consider in order to be environmentally responsible with your waste. Using a cardboard baler, reducing paper use, avoiding single use plastics, and advocating for…


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