4 LSM Solutions for Waste Management & Recycling Centres


As the Irish and European governments pursue a path towards a circular economy, the impacts will be felt across the economy. Waste management and recycling centres are at the core of these plans: the Waste Directive Framework set new recycling targets to 55% by 2025 and 65% by 2035. If all goes well, no more than 10% of municipal solid waste (MSW) will go to the landfill. 

As more recycling and more bulky waste makes its way into waste management and recycling centres, recycling facility equipment needs to adapt. LSM has worked with partners worldwide to deliver pioneering approaches to waste management operations.  

Keep reading to learn about 4 solutions we’ve created for dealing with higher volumes of recycling waste, including an increase in bulky waste. 

Innovative Recycling Facility Equipment from LSM

Autonomous Carting System Recycling Facility Equipment

Autonomous Carting System for Material Movement

An increase in recycling material moving through facilities requires more movements on-site. At present, it demands an increase in staff hours and/or heavy machinery, which comes with greater costs including the risk of injury. 

LSM teamed up with wheel.me, a Norwegian inventor of the world’s first autonomous wheel, to design a specialised carting system. This cutting-edge collaboration enables the autonomous transportation and loading of waste bins into our balers. These robots don’t act on their own; we made sure they seamlessly integrate with various LSM balers, enhancing efficiency and safety. 


Roller Crush for Timber Pallets Recycling Facility Equipment

LSM Roller Crush for Timber Pallets & Other Bulky Waste

One of the areas Ireland must tackle is the problem of ‘bulky’ waste. Although bulky waste doesn’t have a formal definition in Ireland or Europe, it’s generally accepted to mean Municipal Wolid waste or MSW, that doesn’t fit in the regular bins used for collection. In Ireland, this type of waste features prominently in illegal dumping in the countryside.  

Everyone wants to see these items removed from Ireland’s roadsides and rural areas, but facilities also need to be prepared to handle greater volumes of recyclable bulky waste in general.   

LSM’s Roller Crush offers an easy-to-operate and easy-to-service solution designed to efficiently compact bulky and tough materials like timber pallets by compacting them layer-by-layer. Its steel-welded design ensures durability, while its compatibility with all standard containers up to 3.1 meters makes it versatile for various applications. With a variety of roller-teeth options available, it provides even compaction for effective waste management.   

The LSM Roller Crush can be operated with all standard containers (max height 2700 mm). Minimum level of waste inside container = 500 mm. The container is centred and guided by steel-tracks which are attached to the machine.  


H50 Heavy Duty Horizontal Compactor Recycling Facility Equipment | LSM

H50 Heavy Duty Horizontal Compactor

Another area of growth that Irish waste management providers are likely to see is the amount of recyclable packaging coming through their doors. In addition to the new deposit and return scheme for plastic bottles and aluminum cans retrieving packaging from landfills, the government aims for ALL packaging to be reusable or recyclable by 2030. 

As the amount of material grows, facilities will outgrow their regular mill-size balers and require more industrial size compactors. The H50 Heavy Duty Horizontal Compactor comes equipped with more options than a regular vertical mill-size baler. It offers high volume operation ideal for processing large quantities of waste and has a conveyor system option.  

These compactors are suitable for baling a variety of materials including cardboard, plastic, PET bottles, textiles, paper, aluminium, dry waste, and straw.    


Compactors, Bin Lifts, Packers Recycling Facility Equipment

Variety of Compactors, Bin Lifts, Packers and More

Going forward, no one baler will be right for every business. To hit recovery and recycling targets, most waste management and recycling centres will need a combination of industrial compactors and crushers that work well with one another. 

From static to chain and roll-on roll-off systems, LSM has a variety of high-quality waste compaction and bin lift machines designed for efficient collection and compaction of large volumes of segregated waste and mixed waste including: 

  • Ro ro compactor bin lifts: collects large volumes of segregated and mixed waste, ideal for industrial settings 
  • Chain lift compactors: self-contained compactors with a subframe 
  • Static compactors: economical solution for collecting large volumes of segregated waste 
  • P6 compact packer: industrial compactor for spaces with small refuse areas with bin size that can be adapted to the site and low-voltage user controls 

LSM also offer a range of compaction and baling machines for glass, tyres, and are the official supplier of the Ecovend range of Reverse Vending Machines in Ireland.   

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Building out a fleet of recycling facility equipment will prepare you to play your part in meeting Ireland’s recycling goals. With more material coming into facilities to be prepared for the circular economy, you will need more than industrial compactors. Waste management businesses need support and innovation to protect your operations and your people. 

Whether you’re seeking a rental or purchase option, LSM solutions provide cost-effective choices that allow you to benefit from our investment in innovation and our experience in supplying businesses across Ireland.  

Get in touch for expert help with all of your waste compaction needs. 

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