Streamline Retail Waste with Effective Compactors


How much of your retail waste could be diverted to recycling? And how much could improving recycling rates save your business? 

Whether you’re looking to lower your landfill fees or want to go further and pursue the Zero Waste to Landfill certification, waste compactors are a vital part of managing packaging waste in the retail industry. 

Your Waste Obligations as an Irish Retailer 

As a retailer, you’re expected to participate in a responsible waste management program. A responsible program: 

  • Minimises waste when possible 
  • Separates waste streams 
  • Diverts waste from landfills where possible 
  • Prepares for the circular economy 


Recent legislative changes are here to support you in achieving the above. Back in July 2023, the government changed The Waste Management regulations to do just that.  The new rules apply to all waste collection companies — not retailers or other commercial enterprises. Waste management companies must:  

  • provide the correct bins for recycling and general waste streams,  
  • weigh those bins upon collection, 
  • offer price plans that ensure recycling and bio-waste collection costs are lower than municipal waste costs. 

The changes didn’t affect packaging waste or food or bio-waste. 

Which Irish Retailers Need to Participate in the Deposit Return Scheme? 

 The Deposit Return Scheme went live on February 1, 2024. All retailers who sell ‘in-scope’ containers on their premises or online have a legal obligation to register with Re-turn. Only those who applied for and received a Take Back Exemption are exempt. 

 However, the obligation only requires you to register for the scheme or apply for an exemption. 

The scheme leaves you free to determine whether a reverse vending machine is right for your business. Aldi, Tesco, Centra and Supervalu have all dedicated millions of Euro to reverse vending machines. These stores often have the space and funds for many machines. 

Processing your returns manually doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. A multi-purpose recycling baler can take up little space and help you manage the influx of recycling waste that’s coming back into your store in addition to your existing recycling. 

Consumers Want Retail Waste Management to Go Further than Recycling 

Irish consumers are very interested in retailers’ environmental footprint. In 2021, Bord Bia surveyed Irish consumers across 13 localities to learn more about their changing priorities and expectations. Two topics stood out: food waste and a desire for sustainable packaging. 

Recycling is a big component of sustainable packaging. In 2018, it was estimated that the retail sector produced 80,000 tonnes of plastic waste. And only half of it made its way to recycling centres, which indicates that there is still a way to go in meeting sustainability goals. 

However, it’s a change in packaging types and inventory that will make the real difference. While retailers are at the mercy of the many brands in their inventory, they can start by leading the way in moving past a huge reliance on plastic packaging in their own brand lines. Relatively simple initiatives that can remove thousands of tonnes of plastic waste include: 

  • Clear caps on plastic bottles (improves recyclability) 
  • Swapping plastic trays for vacuum packets 
  • Stocking 100% recyclable paper fibre cups and cutlery at deli counters 

These are the kinds of moves that retailers like M&S say have eliminated 4 million units of plastic packaging from cafes. Their aim is to remove 1 billion units of plastic packaging from all corners of their retail footprint by 20207. 

LSM Solutions for the Retail Sector 

LSM works with national and independent retailers across Ireland to supply waste management equipment that increases recycling waste recovery and lowers your costs. They even help you manage Scope 3 emissions by limiting the number of vehicle movements required to collect your waste. 

Not sure what products you might need? We’ve covered how to choose a waste compactor or baler that suits your needs in this post 

Our most popular machines in the retail sector include: 

Reverse Vending Machines 

LSM’s fleet of reverse vending machines are compact with large LED advertising screens. Models include: 

  • RVM100: a space-saving reverse vending machine with a capacity of 450 PET bottles or 900 cans. With a width of only 0.65m, this machine fits comfortably in entry vestibules and in check-out areas.  
  • RVM200: a dual-chamber RVM with a capacity of 550-800 PET bottles or 1,500-2,100 cans. 
  • RVM400 and 400X: two high-volume machines with a capacity of 1,000-1,700 PET bottles or 3,000 to 5,000 cans. 

Are you registered with Re-turn and wondering whether to take the next step and move on from manual processing? Read our guide to reverse vending machines to learn how these machines can make your participation in the scheme simpler. 

LSM Bin Packer Machine

Bin Packers 

Do you have limited space in your warehouse or back room? Do you want to maximise your footprint and prioritise storing stock vs. waste? 

Bin packers can reduce large, bulky rubbish by as much as 75% and allow you to fit your general waste into fewer bins. In fact, you can reduce 3-5 bins into a single bin in just 30 seconds. 

Our bin packer adjusts to various bin sizes and uses two-handed controls for added safety. 

LSM Cardboard Baler - v16

Cardboard Balers 

Save labour costs, warehouse space, and waste management costs by baling your cardboard. Our range of cardboard balers include models for most commercial environments, including large, urban supermarkets and wholesalers. 

Plastic Balers 

Plastic recycling is an area for improvement for all commercial operations. 

Plastic balers offer the same benefits as cardboard balers by saving on direct costs and floor space. Our range suits all retail environments and offers power, efficiency, and performance at all sizes. 

Irish Retailers Can Lead the Way in Recycling 

Everyone has a role to play in diverting waste and increasing recycling waste. Irish consumers expect retailers to do more in helping to decrease waste overall while also ensuring that what remains is 100% recyclable.  

Recycling balers are a very important part of this strategy because it’s so much easier to sort and manage recycling waste. 

When you work with LSM, you not only get expert advice on the best balers for your business. LSM also offers rental and purchase options to serve the seasonal needs of retail as well as servicing and maintenance for both LSM and competitor balers. 

Are you ready to learn more? See the most popular recycling balers for retail stores or contact our expert team to learn how waste balers can produce savings and efficiency for your business. 


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