Streamline Retail Waste with Effective Compactors



Streamline Retail Waste with Effective Compactors

How much of your retail waste could be diverted to recycling? And how much could improving recycling rates save your business?  Whether you’re looking to lower your landfill fees or want to go further and pursue…


4 LSM Solutions for Waste Management & Recycling Centres

As the Irish and European governments pursue a path towards a circular economy, the impacts will be felt across the economy. Waste management and recycling centres are at the core of these plans: the Waste Directive…

How Waste Management Machines Contribute to Your Waste Management Goals

How Waste Baling Machines Contribute to Your Waste Management Goals

Irish businesses and the public have significantly ramped up their waste management efforts over the last three years. Even with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ireland managed to beat its recycling targets, with businesses playing…

5 Reasons to Regularly Service your Waste Baler Machine

5 Reasons to Regularly Service Your Waste Baler Machine

Waste management equipment represents a substantial investment for businesses of all sizes. Yet, investing in durable and reputable equipment pays off in the long run, offering a strong return on your investment with machines that stand…

Discover packaging waste

How Irish Manufacturers Can Increase Recycling & Reduce Packaging Waste

Packaging is a key part not only of end goods but of the entire trajectory of them, from raw materials to product distribution. It creates an enormous amount of waste. According to the EPA, Ireland tallied…

A reverse vending machine is a unique and cost-effective method of encouraging the general population to commit to recycling their plastic bottle packaging
Reverse Vending

Reverse Vending: The Environmental Impact

Everyone has a role in reducing waste, protecting the environment, and helping Ireland achieve carbon neutrality. The plastic packaging industry has one of the most public parts to play and their role is already legislated: the…

Become more environmentally friendly by reducing supermarket waste.

How to Help Your Supermarket Become More Environmentally Friendly

As a supermarket, you want to offer the perfect balance of convenience, variety, and quality to your customers. However, your customers now also want more: they want their supermarkets to support sustainable production and be committed…

bring the deposit return scheme to your business with reverse vending machines and LSM
Reverse Vending

The Value of Reverse Vending Machines for Your Business

Did you know that approximately 1.9 billion drinks bottles and cans are consumed in Ireland each year? In an effort to reduce the effects of plastic waste on our environment, the Irish government have introduced a…

LSM balers helping to improve sustainability in the building sector
Case Study

LSM Ireland Helping to Improve Sustainability Practices in the Building Sector – Making the Case for Recycling in Lowering Operating and Waste Costs.

Installing Waste Balers for a Building Materials Provider Customer: Freefoam Building Products Location: Cork Supplied By: LSM Ireland   Background Freefoam Building Products is the leading manufacturer of a wide range of innovative uPVC fascia and…

Discover the benefits of renting a waste baler with LSM Ireland
Rental Options

The Benefits of Renting a Waste Baler with LSM

According to the EPA’s National Waste Statistics Summary Report for 2020, published at the end of 2022, overall waste generation increased from 12.7 million tonnes in 2012 to 16.2 million tonnes in 2020. Not only is…


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